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Layher Simple frame scaffolding SpeedyScaf.®

With just six basic elements and a few manual operations, this logically and safely erected scaffolding is “speedy” because it is assembled without bolts. Established on the market for several decades as the frame scaffolding equipment that leads the field, you can cater for almost every requirement with this unbeatably lightweight yet sturdy and stable system: Standard assembly is achieved with the following 6 basic components:

2 Base plates
2 assembly frames
2 scaffolding decks
2 guardrails
2 diagonal braces
2 toe boards

speedy eng

Depending on the roof projection, optimum adjustment is achieved using brackets. With Layher you choose between different scaffolding widths and between hot-dip galvanized steel or lightweight aluminium. Guardrails, diagonal braces and scaffolding decks are only needed once, as they fit into every SpeedyScaf structure.

Toe board
Scaffolding deck
Diagonal brace
Base plate
SpeedyScaf System


Unbeatably quick and easy.
Speedy assembly thanks to simple insertion technology, lightweight assembly frame and ergonomic handling. Assembled from six basic elements in a few easy operations.
Safe from the word go.
Uncompromising safety during assembly too. Firmly wedged components, positively and non-positively connected, ensure maximum stability while work is in progress.
Extremely flexible.
The comprehensive range of parts is suitable for every trade. Combinable with other Layher systems and products.
Extremely economical.
Simplicity and fitting precision mean a saving in time and enormous cost savings too. Exemplary and long service life plus availability for purchase to come.

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Layher SpeedyScaff

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