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Bridging system
The modular structure of the Allround bridging systems permits the construction of wide-span footbridges, for example for major events or during construction work, or of very strong bracing structures – using only a small number of accesories in addition to the Allround Scaffolding. The Allround scaffolding provides the basis – for example for secure access routes – while the Allround bridging system transmits the loads into the support structure.

The Allround bridging system was designed as a modular lattice beam connected outside the allround structure in the system dimensions of the twin-wedge coupler. The main components of the Allround bridging system are bridging system posts (with wedge-heads welded on both sides), bridging system ledgers or chords and bridging system diagonal braces. These main components are connected together very quickly, safely and economically using bolts. Depending on requirements, the deck surface can be constructed either with Event either ordinary Allround system decks. Layher ‘Protect’ panels, child-proof guardrails, temporary roof sections and other optional fittings can be used together with bridging system. As a result, clear benefits – almost irrespective of terrain and pedestrian traffic requirements – can be readily achieved.
When used as a support girder, installations such as podiums, roof structures and even suspended scaffolding can be installed, significantly enhancing the versatility of the bridging truss design.

Construction can be assembled on the ground and lifted into position by crane or at the final position of use using auxiliary scaffolding that is removed when the bridge is complete.

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