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Shoring frames TG 60 – even more possibilities in Allround Scaffolding.

The new Layher Allround shoring frames TG 60 have been developed as an extension of the Allround Scaffolding system.
With three new additional parts, you can assemble shoring towers even faster, higher and sturdier. The shoring frames TG 60 are available in three sizes:
1.00 x 1.09 m, 0.50 x 1.09 m and 0.71 x 1.09 m.
The base frame H = 0.71 m is equipped with Allround rossettes at the top and the bottom and has no spigot. The shoring frames TG 60 H = 1.00 and H = 0.50 m are equipped with integrated spigots at the bottom and Allround rosettes only at the top of the standards.
The shoring frames TG 60 are made of steel tubeof higher strength and are stiffened with 2 small diagonal braces. Every vertical standard can be loaded with up to approx. 6 tons. The ends of the welded ledgers and diagonal brace are flattened. This makes the Allround rosette fully useable. To transfer tensile forces, every frame is secured by hinged pins, locking pins or bolts to each other. In this way the towers can be assembled on the ground and placed by a crane

Your additional benefit
In addition to standard Allround components, only three additional components are required
Fast assembly and dismantling
High permissible load capacity
Variable height adjusting

30 % time saving

ar directions

30 % time saving compared with assembly of an Allround Scaffolding made of separate standards and ledgers.
Low number of components – The shoring frames TG 60 replace standards, ledgers and diagonal braces. Because of that, there is so much time saving in assembly and dismantling. Furthermore there are lower number of parts.

Horizontal assembly on the ground – The Allround shoring tower TG 60 can be assembled on the ground. After that the tower can be placed by a crane. The Layher spindle support prevents the base plates from falling out. The hinged pins secure the frames to each other.

Simple bolt free connection technology – completely toolless. The shoring frames TG 60 have integrated spigots available. The frames will be secured against lift-off by using
hinged pins, locking pins or bolts.

Service – For the Layher Allround shoring towers TG 60, material planning schedules construction drawings, structural standards acc. to EN 12812:2008-12 and dimensioning
guidelines are available. Do not hesitate to ask your Layher partner for these information.

Variable bay lengths – The Allround shoring tower TG 60 can be easily adapted to various dimensions of formwork beams. To do so, just select Allround ledgers and diagonal braces of different lengths. The main components – the shoring frames TG 60 – stay the same.

Material optimisation – Thanks to the variability of the system, the high load capacity can be better exploited. That saves material, time and money.
Fast moving – Thanks to the easy mounting of castors, the shoring towers TG 60 can be quickly moved to a new place of action without dismantling and reassembling. It’s also possible to move whole tower bonds at one time


The perfect extension to Allround Scaffolding
Perfect compatibility – The shoring towers TG 60 are fully compatible to Allround Scaffolding. Because of that, extensions and adaptions to special geometries and integration to an existing scaffolding are easily made. The connection is done by the proven wedge heads. That avoids time wasting constructions with tubes and couplers.
Adaption to support grid – the Shoring towers TG 60 can be placed independently of the slab‘s support grid. By using a shoring tower TG 60, a column can be integrated without any problem. Only the ledgers and diagonal braces of one side need to be demounted and the tower can be moved e. g. by the mountable castors.
Multiple frame layers – With the shoring system TG 60 it is possible to place multiple frame layers in one row, which are connected to each other with Allround ledgers and diagonal braces. Like this, there can be mounted 3 or more frame layers with the same or different bay lengths.
Frame bundling – For high loads, the shoring frames TG 60 can be bundled to increase higher load capacities of the towers. By using the Layher twin wedge coupler, any number of frames can be coupled at the face side in minimal space. On squarely towers, the reinforcement is possible at every side.


Thanks to the advanced guardrail
Fall prevention – The Layher Allround shoring TG 60 is not only very stable, it is
also safer while assembly and dismantling. On vertical assembly of the towers,
O-steel decks can be mounted as assembly decks. After that the frames, ledgers
and diagonal braces of the next tower section can be assembled.
Integrated access – Then the assembly decks will just be put 1 m higher. The
access to the next level will be arranged directly over the shoring frames TG 60.
Now the uppermost level can also be covered with O-steel decks to continue the


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